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Netindo is a company that was founded in 2015 as one of the companies engaged in information technology in Indonesia. We know the needs of consumers to support their business by creating templates for their websites, so that entrepreneurs in Indonesia are able to compete with foreign countries. Under the auspices of PT. Netindo Mediatama Perkasa, we are ready to compete with other companies in ...


Bussiness Type

We're The Problem Solver

Responsive Website

The state of a webpage where it will look good, neat and easy to see if accessed from any device with a different screen resolution

Mobile Apps Product

Mobile web has the principle of "develop once run everywhere", which means it can operate on cross platforms in a single development

Product Software & Hardware

the benefits of software and hardware are made into a product that can be sold to people or companies in need.


Product Software



E-Commerce Apps

Mobile Apps e-commerce yang terintegrasi dengan kas ir offline, sehingga memudahkan anda untuk mengelola penjualan offline dan online. ...

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we have a partnership with a company ...

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For each project we establish relationships with partners.